The Advantages of Renting: Why Rent with Keystone Leasing?

The advantages of renting are only made better when you choose to rent with Keystone Leasing. Our owner Cherie is passionate about matching tenants to their perfect rental property and helping them maintain their home or unit as if it is their own. Cherie prides herself on her consistent, open communication with her tenants.

If you have any maintence issues, Keystone Leasing will arrange for a tradesman to visit your property as soon as possible to minimise disruptions to your day-to-day. Our goal at Keystone Leasing is to always make our tenants feel respected, comfortable and happy in their home. We understand that some people struggle to pay their rent at times and are happy to provide resources for tenants to work through their financial struggles.

If you have any questions about renting a property with Keystone Leasing, contact Cherie on 0427 167 371.  

Benefits of Renting:

While renting is often seen as an inferior option to buying a property, if you cannot afford to purchase your ideal home, renting can be a better option. Below are some of the benefits of renting a home that some homeowners will not experience.

  • No maintence costs or repair bills
  • Access to usually unaffordable amenities
  • No property taxes
  • No down payment
  • Location choice
  • No property value concerns
  • Fixed rent amount for the term

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Get in touch with Keystone Leasing on 0427 167 371 for more information about our full range of property management services.